Helix of Feelings

Helix of Feelings

Last week I was thinking in a retrospective model I could use for a retro I was going to have the next day, the team, in this case, is close to a date where they have to deliver a particular set of features, we have been doing Sprints of one week and I wanted to do something different this time.

One thing I do to help me to create retrospectives is to start looking for images in google, I type in different concepts and then I look for images, this helps me to create different retrospectives.

This time I ended up with this Helix Triangulation so I created a retrospective named:


Helix of Feelings

3 Areas


I call the top area “extraordinary area” where we will include whatever that made us be extremely happy during the Sprint.

We also have the regular area, where we will include whatever that made us feel good during the Sprint, maybe there was a day where someone gave us a compliment and made us feel good, this is also something you could add, doesn’t necessarily needs to be Sprint tasks related.


Again, the top area will include whatever that made us be extremely frustrated.

We also have the regular area, where we will include whatever that made us feel at least little bit frustrated, can be anything, maybe we did not manage to have a particular meeting to be effective as possible, or maybe we struggled with a particular technology during the Sprint, or we struggled when aligning with a different team to tackle a topic.


Again, the top area will include whatever that was really hard to achieve, something we struggled with due the complexity of doing it.

We also have the regular area, where we will include whatever was a little bit harder to do than we thought it was when we planned it.


3 Mixed Areas

Happiness – Frustration

Here we will include whatever made you have an unexpected bad day, think of something that was going smoothly and suddenly something happened that frustrated you.

Frustration – Effort

Here we will include whatever made you despair, imagine on something really hard to achieve, I can think in doing something in React for the first time, so stuff hard to do that did not have a good end, imagine being stuck with the same configuration error during the whole Sprint.

Effort – Happiness

We all know that feeling, when you have been struggling with something but at the end you make it work, for example, recently I was configuring an OAuth authentication using Symfony, the PHP framework to connect to Jira, it took me 2 days to find out how to do it, but when I made work… I felt really really happy!


Central Area

Sometimes in retrospectives, there are topics that we don’t know where to place them, the central area is called a bit of everything, there is where you can add all these kind of topics.


That’s is it! I hope this can help you to gather some information about different things that happened during the Sprint that made the team to change their mood for the good or for the bad!

It’s always good to see things with different point of view, you always get valuable information!!


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