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Products health status quo

Today is very common to hear about ownership and accountability, it seems like during the last years the expectations have changed quite a lot, teams are now expected to “own” much more their products, and be accountable on their stability and availability for the customers. First of all, I will explain here what I mean by product, to… Read More »

Balancing technical expertise with passion to learn

The people that works with me know that I’m quite clear with certain things, for instance, for me technical excellence should not be optional, don’t get me wrong, technical excellence does not mean over-engineering things, it does not mean either the need to have all the needed technical and quality requirements in place before release to production, either… Read More »

Velocity, PBIs and Forecasting

I have to admit that I have never had good experiences with velocity, I had average experiences, I have always struggled with it, some years ago when I was developer and now more recently as Agile Coach and Scrum Master. I know that with the team getting more into Norming and Performing, with the velocity we should be… Read More »

Patterns for a useful KPI

We, as Agile Coaches sometimes are asked for KPIs that can demonstrate our progress and the progress of the team we work with, basically we are driven by the power of proof and not by assumptions.   How can we find out KPIs that make sense? For a long time, I have been trying to find the answer… Read More »