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My view on vertical slicing

If you work within agile teams, then you have most likely heard about vertical slicing, the most common definitions are the ones that say a vertical slice is the slice that goes across all architectural layers, reaches production and delivers value to the customer. Yeah, that’s great, but what does it really mean when it comes to putting… Read More »

Hands-on Scrum workshop

Talking about Scrum trainings, I will be clear, I don’t like generic workshops, yes I understand that most of them try to transmit the message and purpose of the different roles, events and artifacts, etc… but I believe that workshops need to be prepared according to the industry and day to day of the assistants, I understand that… Read More »

Is your code agile?

Yesterday I saw this on twitter: Mirando solo el código: ¿Serías capaz de saber si fue construido ágilmente? — Agustin Cuenca (@agustincnc) 28 de mayo de 2019 Basically, the poll says: “Looking only at the code: Would you be able to know if it’s agile?”, and it made me think about something I was doing at my previous… Read More »

Status Quo Canvas

You probably know that feeling when you start in a new place where you don’t know anyone, and you don’t know anything about what they do and how are they organized. The only way to fix this is to talk to people and exchange with them so you can understand better the context you are. This happened to… Read More »

Different types of feedback, different impact on people

Lately this is a topic that for different reasons I have been involved, we all know that giving feedback is positive and we should try to do it often, actually I like to ask for feedback after I finish a dynamic, retro or whatever I facilitate or help with, but this post is not about why we should… Read More »