Hello! First of all thank you for visiting my blog, as you can imagine my name is Marcos Pacheco and I’m going to tell you a little bit of me.

I was born and I grew up in Búger, the tiniest town in Mallorca the beautiful island located at the Mediterranean sea.

I have been working as software developer the whole life, changing from a company to another quite often, because I always wanted to learn different ways of doing things, different programming languages, different people, etc, I even worked in the UK for a year, actually there is a history behind this…

Some years ago I moved to Barcelona with some friends because we wanted to have our own start up there, our idea was to make the best app that would help you to know Barcelona better, the short history is that I learned a lot doing this, but at the end, after a year, I decided that was time to come back to Palma(things were not working as I expected).

After moving back to Palma a new life started! I spent all my money(my savings) in Barcelona, ok was not too much but still, it was my money! I was looking for a job and I found an interesting offer, I would be working from Palma but I would be part of a team located in UK, Canada, Costa Rica and US, pretty interesting right? how the hell is all this people working together! after following a process I was lucky and I got the job! so I started working with this company, they were and are awesome, they work with Scrum and works really well! you can imagine that must be hard with such a distributed team!

We all were driven by Marius de Beer, I have to say that all the things I learned is thanks to him, I discovered the Agile world thanks to him, and at this point is when I started to be interested in all the Agile stuff.

After one year I decided that I wanted to be working with them in the UK so I moved there, Marius was so motivating that day by day my interests in the Agile world were increasing and increasing so I started to read, to try, to ask, etc, but I couldn’t put things in practice because I was just learning and I was still working as a software developer.

UK is a nice place to live because you can have a pretty good quality of life if you have a qualified job, but the weather is no that good… one year after living there I had the opportunity to come back to Palma for a job that was also really interesting and motivating, so I decided to move again! I joined the company in 2015 and I have been working as a software developer till the beginning of 2017, because now, is when the a new history begins, now is when I will start working helping people to grow personally and professionally, helping teams to be better in all aspects, helping the company to achieve their goals, etc.

I have to thank my current company because they gave me this opportunity to change and grow and I have to appreciate it, not all companies allow their employees change roles that easy!

Is here in my blog where I’m gonna share all my learnings, all my wins, all my frustrations,  all my defeats and all the things that I will discover in this new journey!