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Is the Roadmap the cornerstone for self-organization?

This is a question I have been asking myself for a while, and every day I’m a little bit more convinced that a good roadmap it’s key for a team to be self-organized. First of all you and I might not have the same understanding of what a roadmap is, so before I get into more detail let… Read More »

Products health status quo

Today is very common to hear about ownership and accountability, it seems like during the last years the expectations have changed quite a lot, teams are now expected to “own” much more their products, and be accountable on their stability and availability for the customers. First of all, I will explain here what I mean by product, to… Read More »

Balancing technical expertise with passion to learn

The people that works with me know that I’m quite clear with certain things, for instance, for me technical excellence should not be optional, don’t get me wrong, technical excellence does not mean over-engineering things, it does not mean either the need to have all the needed technical and quality requirements in place before release to production, either… Read More »

Status Quo Canvas

You probably know that feeling when you start in a new place where you don’t know anyone, and you don’t know anything about what they do and how are they organized. The only way to fix this is to talk to people and exchange with them so you can understand better the context you are. This happened to… Read More »

Being cross-functional or not, is it that easy?

If you know me you know that is an important topic for me… I of course believe in being specialist/expert of a topic, but I also believe in being able to help each other when needed, but the question is: Are we happy to sacrifice a bit our personals technical wins for the good of the product/project and team?… Read More »

Value Perceptor

Time ago I wrote about Product Owner, Development Team and Business Value where I talked about what is Business Value,  but, there is a lot of interpretation about that, and because there is a lot of interpretation the perception of value creation can change depending on whom you ask. One day I was looking for interesting articles and I ended up… Read More »

Visual Agile v.1

Everything started some months ago when my interests in analyzing better the data available of Jira increased, Jira has great dashboards, but those dashboards sometimes are hard to configure, there are many add-ons out there, but of course, you have to pay for them. I started to check Jira API and step by step I developed my own tool… Read More »