Do I know you?

By | February 22, 2017

Some days ago I was having a shower and I was thinking about activities I could use in retrospectives with teams where the communication doesn’t flow so much, after some thinking I came up with one that I’m gonna call Do I know you? it might be pretty simple and most likely exists already, is not rocket science.

People even if have been working together for a long time might think they know each other quite well, this can be true if there is good communication, trust, etc, but what about the teams where there is no so much communication but they have to work together? so a nice and simple way to show up how they know each other is:

  1. Agree on a topic to take, books, cars, drinks, cities, etc.
  2. Tell the team that they have to think of something where all the team members could coincide, In my case for example if I would be with my friends and you ask me this question about drinks I would tell you that most of us are going to think of a beer.
  3. Tell the team to draw it in a paper, give them some time to do it.
  4. After everyone’s finished, take all the drawings and randomly distribute them.
  5. Ask each team member to whom he/she thinks belongs the drawing and ask to explain why.
  6. Just talk about it every time someone says a name, it’s going to be fun see what happens!

This is going to raise awareness in how the team knows each other.

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