By | February 23, 2017

We know that retrospectives help us to reflect on how we did in our last iteration, talk about what happened, what went well, what didn’t go well, etc.

Is such an important ceremony that we really have to take care of, we can not just go there and expect that things will get fixed on their own, in my opinion, we always should innovate in this meeting, people can not get bored about retrospectives, I think the team members shouldn’t know what’s gonna happen in their retrospectives, of course they know what is this meeting about but if you always use the same activities and processes people will get too used to those activities, of course, team members will still be able to come up with topics to discuss about but, I really love the surprising factor! retrospectives are a matter of different point of views and if you help to stimulate the people making them see the things in a different point of view then it will work even better!

Once said that, I have a random idea! in your next retrospective before gathering data you could try the following:

  • Ask each team member to write a paper a word or two that sounds familiar to them, something that they have the feeling that is recurrent in their conversations
  • Wait till everyone is ready and collect all the papers and randomly distribute them.

Each team member now should have a paper, ask kindly that they can not use the word that appears in the paper during the meeting, this will make them have to think more when talking which means you will be stimulating them to be more creative!



After trying this activity for several times, I find pretty hard to follow when someone says a forbidden work, recently I tried to make each person responsible for the person that has to the right, this seems working better.



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