Minimum Viable Sprint – a One Week Hackathon

We, Marcos Pacheco and Marcus Tannerfalk, work as Agile Coaches in the Palma office for the hotel search company trivago. This is our experience in working with a development team in daily sprints with the goal of delivering a MVP (minimum viable product). Introduction One of the development teams that we work with wanted to create an MVP… Read More »

Patterns for a useful KPI

We, as Agile Coaches sometimes are asked for KPIs that can demonstrate our progress and the progress of the team we work with, basically we are driven by the power of proof and not by assumptions.   How can we find out KPIs that make sense? For a long time, I have been trying to find the answer… Read More »

Scrum of Scrums Weekly Catch Up

Currently, I’m working as Scrum Master of one team that I joined recently. This team is divided into three sub-teams, same main product but split into three parts. They have been doing a Scrum of Scrums meeting every week, but for some reason, they stopped doing it, maybe the team was not getting what they expected. One day one of… Read More »


We know that retrospectives help us to reflect on how we did in our last iteration, talk about what happened, what went well, what didn’t go well, etc. Is such an important ceremony that we really have to take care of, we can not just go there and expect that things will get fixed on their own, in… Read More »

Do I know you?

Some days ago I was having a shower and I was thinking about activities I could use in retrospectives with teams where the communication doesn’t flow so much, after some thinking I came up with one that I’m gonna call Do I know you? it might be pretty simple and most likely exists already, is not rocket science. People… Read More »

Retrospective for Agile Coaches

Today morning I came with the duty of facilitating a retro together with my teammate, he and I the day before agreed to prepare it a little bit on our own in order to come the following morning with some ideas, we wanted to surprise the people that normally facilitate retros in their daily basis! So, to Check… Read More »

The 5 dysfunctions of a team

This post is not what you expect, I’m not gonna explain you the 5 dysfunctions of a team, you can actually know it by searching it in Google in 1 minute, what I’m going to do is going over my past experiences in order to identify each of the dysfunctions, how I experienced them and why it happened. Absence of trust I can… Read More »

Introduction to OKRs

Popular goal management frameworks Let’s first get some background about from where they come from. Management by objectives (MBO) Is the process of defining specific objectives within an organization that management can convey to organization members, then deciding on how to achieve each objective in sequence. First you set objectives Cascade them to every employee Monitor(Monitor performance) Rewarded that… Read More »

Moving towards Teal Management

Lately, I have been reading about this topic, even if is not something new the book Reinventing-Organizations gave me a good overview of all the organizational stages humanity has been running on, maybe you don’t know what is the Teal paradigm yet? Through the history people have been working together in groups, from prehistoric times to nowadays, we… Read More »