The importance of feeling ownership

Finally, I will write about this, thinking in my last year as Scrum Master I think I got enough experience to write about this, or at least to share my thoughts. In my past experience, I worked always for big organizations, except when I moved to Barcelona and I tried to create my own company “Barcelona In My… Read More »

Daily Standup Health Assessment

This idea came up when time ago I attended for the first time one team Daily Standup, one team that I would start working with them as Scrum Master. In order to give you some context, this is the situation: The team meets 2 times per week in a meeting of 30 minutes. So the Daily Standup started and each of them… Read More »

Find what you can delegate v1

Finding what to delegate sometimes can be really hard, especially in a complex environment like software development, where high-quality software demands high expertise in certain parts of the process, like programming Back-End or Front-End code, or doing automation tests, or building all the infrastructure for continuous integration/delivery, there a lot of things that we have to take into… Read More »

A way to inspect, adapt and follow-up your team strategy

I will start with: “If everything is important, then nothing is.” ― Patrick Lencioni Followed by this: Important In this post I will show you a way of inspecting, adapting and following-up your strategy, but is attached to a particular way of defining the strategy, which in this case is by having several priorities, where each priority has several… Read More »

Feature teams and Component teams

I know this topic is quite known already, but still, I wanted to write about it. I will try to be clear as possible explaining each type of teams using my own drawings, I will give you a little bit of context so you understand what are you seeing. In this article means our main product, basically… Read More »

Cross-functional restaurant

Lately, I have been seen myself in troubles when it comes to explain the importance of being a cross-functional team, being cross-functional does not mean you know how to do everything, and you end up not being good at anything, being specialist of Front-End, Back-End, QA, Data Bases… is just not possible and unfortunately, this is what many people think is to be… Read More »

Minimum Viable Sprint – a One Week Hackathon

We, Marcos Pacheco and Marcus Tannerfalk, work as Agile Coaches in the Palma office for the hotel search company trivago. This is our experience in working with a development team in daily sprints with the goal of delivering a MVP (minimum viable product). Introduction One of the development teams that we work with wanted to create an MVP… Read More »

Patterns for a useful KPI

We, as Agile Coaches sometimes are asked for KPIs that can demonstrate our progress and the progress of the team we work with, basically we are driven by the power of proof and not by assumptions.   How can we find out KPIs that make sense? For a long time, I have been trying to find the answer… Read More »

Scrum of Scrums Weekly Catch Up

Currently, I’m working as Scrum Master of one team that I joined recently. This team is divided into three sub-teams, same main product but split into three parts. They have been doing a Scrum of Scrums meeting every week, but for some reason, they stopped doing it, maybe the team was not getting what they expected. One day one of… Read More »